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Alt service has since 1995 helped both private people and businesses with professional cleaning. We can handle every type off cleaning that you might wish- both the daily house cleaning in a small og larger scale, clean up after construction og generel cleaning at your business office.

Our employees

Salary and work environment for our employees is a big priority for us. Because of that our employees are stabile, happy and deliver a great result – every time.

It is the same employee that will take care of your house every time as well. That creates a comfort that you know the person who is in your house and also our employee gets to know you and your house, so that you are secured both quality work and presence.

All of our employees have a clean criminal record and passed courses in both cleaning and service. In the case of either illness or vacation, we will make sure that another employee will be instructed in your plans so that there will be no changes in the work.

All of our employees speaks English and understands Danish as a minimum.

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